ARECH Assistance Support Guarantee & Warranty after sale

ARECH Assistance Support is something that we take seriously for all our clients, we cover the LED panel from the edge to edge, the pixel to pixel, and we offer lifetime service for our products, followed by Full Assistance and Services.


ARECH Assistance Support meaning and offers?

Assistance is the act of helping our client to complete the LED projects (including video wall installation, setup or operating, etc.). ARECH support is here to help you anytime. Learn more about our popular products, when you choose ARECH products, you have a lifetime service with the products delivered by ARECH.
ARECH Support mainly for 3 aspects as below:

  • Pre-sales Support
  • Sales Support
  • After-sales support

ARECH team support is here to help you and provide all the information that you need for the best product solution, and service. Learn more about our team and ARECH Products.

ARECH Assistance Support for Guarantee

We believe that the best cooperation built on a foundation of trust. ARECH assistance and support provide lifetime service for all the product delivered from us. We try to improve and adapt to the new technology of LED display Products, and keep providing the advanced products to our clients.

Guarantee details


What are the types of service guarantees?

There are two types of service guarantees: specific and unconditional guarantees. Specific guarantees promise superior performance on specific attributes (price, delivery etc.), while unconditional guarantees promise the good performance on all aspects of service.


ARECH Assistance Support for Warranty

Warranty is defined as an assurance given by us to all our clients that choose our products. It specifies that the particular product is up to the standard, include quality, function, performance, and respects our initial offer.
ARECH products are widely used in indoor and outdoor commercial media, sports venues, stage performances, special-shape creativity etc. We also provide LED Display integrated solutions. With the development of technology and manufacturing workmanship, we have made many classic cases in the international market.


ARECH Support & Service

We are standing by to assist clients in all their service needs with the best ARECH Assistance Support team in place. we are ready to respond quickly if any issues. A good LED Display may need regular maintenance as well, we are here to offer 24/7 online support for our customers. The best success of ARECH LED Display lasts long after installation.
Our Service goal: fast, accurate, professional support & service
-Concept & Design: Simply tell us your requirements and our technical team will work out a perfect product design with you together.
After Sales Support & Service:
- Warranty according to our contract agreement
- Real-time communication service
- Remote Guidance
- Hardware and software upgrade service
- Live support 24/7


ARECH Assistance Support follow up with you – When you choose us, you should know that the transaction between us does not end after we delivered the product to you. We make sure you are fully satisfied and welcome your suggestions to help us improve all the time!

ARECH after-sale Assistance!

ARECH Assistance Support for LED screen products, it is a lifetime service. In the event of any issues with your LED screen, covered by the warranty, we will handle the repairing, or replacement, to ensure minimal downtime. The life expectancy of ARECH advertising displays is approximately 100,000 hours.

ARECH Assistance Support team, provides support on-site or via online technical support to a wide range of LED Screens. ARECH employs a team of technicians that provide technicians support for all products. Our team boasts a wide array of skill sets, ranging from hardware troubleshooting to software configuration.

Whether working as a team on large projects or independently, our technicians maintain the high level of professionalism expected by our clients. Our team is ready to support technical issues on a wide range of LED display.

Guarantee is serious promises offered by ARECH for the product delivered to our clients. Once you buy the product from us, the promise becomes a right that can be enforced under the guarantee.

Customer service guarantees are part of a customer service strategy and can be simply stated or very complex. Either way, these guarantees communicate the commitment of a company to stand behind the product or service they provide.

Customer Service Guarantees are communicated in different ways.
Sometimes it is stating the written guarantee with the documents, it may be written in an informational pamphlet or incorporated into the information shared on the businesses’ website.

No matter the format, it is important to provide an official guarantee, the customers might have a comfort level in using products and services.

ARECH Assistance Support & clients satisfaction

A satisfaction guarantee is a promise that we make to assure our clients that a refund or replacement will be issued if the customer is not satisfied with a product or service within a certain timeframe. But more importantly, the reliable quality products always ensure the confidence of clients.

ARECH Assistance Support additional possible guarantees

ARECH can also offer the client an additional commercial guarantee (warranty). This can either be included in the contract. This warranty does not replace the legal guarantee, which is always a minimum of 2 years, it will not affect their right to the legal guarantee.

We are here to support and help our clients, and keep active to the inquiry and request from the clients. ARECH, come with the professional service team, we are committed to delivering you satisfaction when you work with us and purchase our products. Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed, and we stand behind our product.