LED Display Fixed Indoor Series by ARECH

LED Display Fixed Indoor, the best solution for indoor advertising video wall displays, bringing the awareness and improving your brand image!


LED DISPLAY Fixed Indoor

Our indoor fixed LED Screen is specially designed for indoor commercials, these are high-resolution products that may give a perfect experience to your clients. It may be widely used for a luxury Chain store, shopping mall, theater, museum, exhibition center, hotel, airport, and meeting room, etc.,

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Various cabinet sizes for your LED Display Fixed Indoor series

Our indoor fixed LED Screen has the same module dimension 250×250 mm, no matter what pitch you choose: P1.9/P2.6/P2.9/P3.9/P4.8 of modules. All pitches are compatible on the various cabinet size 1000x250mm, 1000x750mm, 1000x500mm, and 500x500mm etc.,

  • 500 mm x 500/1000 mm
  • 1000 mm x 250/750 mm

All pitch modules are compatible with all cabinet dimensions.

ARECH, provides you the option to choose the best cabinet size for your project and build that according to your needs.

With LED Display Fixed Indoor ARECH FC& HL Series, you will have the 1st best quality for your indoor commerical LED displays.


Aluminum profile Ultralight & Slim

Only 5.5 kg/ 1000x250mm cabinet
Just 40 mm thick

High bright Optional 3000-3500nits

Simple mounting, and EASY front maintenance

Our Indoor Fixed LED Display is convenient to be used in any dimension based on multiple times of 250 mm (minimum size), it might be directly installed against the wall, or hanging, stacking etc., simple mounting, easy installation to anywhere of your shops (any window store, hospitality, retail shops etc.).

Full front maintenance

Smart and Convenient

  • Use magnetic tool to take out/replace the LED Screen modules
  • Modules, power boxes and receiving cards can be completely taken out from the front side
  • Fast and easy front maintenance

Support stacking installation
Hanging, wall-mounted, etc.


Customize your own LED Display Fixed Indoor

Please feel free to fill the form below (only for LED Display Fixed Indoor Series). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

LED Display Fixed Indoor Specification

You can check the technical parameter as the tables below from ARECH Indoor fixed series

  • What is LED Display Fixed indoor?

    LED Display Fixed Indoor series, are used for various indoor commercial field that based on LED Display units, composed of several LED Panels, displaying dynamic images and live videos. Therefore, enhancing the impact and quality of communications through visual LED display solutions. An indoor LED Display is a flat display panel that adapts an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. That is why the high brightness of indoor display enable to be used for window shops, retail store, shopping mall, airports, exhibition center etc.

  • What LED Display Fixed Indoor used for?

    ARECH LED Display Fixed Indoor screens, are the most effective advertising media that are spreading more and more all over the world. A full color indoor video wall provides stunning visual focus for a host of environments including retail shops, entertainment, hospitality, transportation, public, bank, school and airports, also for clubs, discos, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters, broadcasting rooms and corporate spaces.
    For those who make no compromise on image quality, a high definition video wall is the perfect solution. ARECH LED Display Fixed Indoor, can be integrated with the furniture of retail shops, and make special design or shapes that satisfy any ideal creation by architects, the artiest, and interior designers.

  • Few points to buy LED Display Fixed Indoor from ARECH

    Improving the business, and promoting the products, drawing the attention of target clients to today’s special in the menu? ARECH LED Display Fixed Indoor, is the best way to make effective impact with stunning video wall displays, remote teaching control centers and broadcasting rooms etc.
    The indoor LED Displays allow the businesses to gain new potential opportunities as they are better than traditional printing materials. The LED technology allows these video displays to make displays more functional, more impressive and effective.

The LED Display Fixed Indoor, is the great way to develop the business.

These LED Displays are also the best source of the advertisement using indoor as well as high bright semi-outdoor applications. In this part, we will discover how an indoor fixed LED Display benefits you thoroughly.

ARECH LED Display Fixed Indoor is usually composed of individual LED panels that perfect for retail shops, airport, school etc. No matter your retail shop is a part of a shopping mall or freestanding, drawing people into your shops is always very important. The simple way to attract clients is a striking retail LED display.

No matter you do seasonal promotions and sales or frequently introduce the new business or service, ARECH LED Display Fixed Indoor Screen makes it easy to advertise. As you can change the LED displays at any time, you can turn on your Display whenever you want to. If you have more promotions going on at the same time, you can also set your screen to display each promotion content on a loop, so that clients can see all that you want to offer.

There are many ways you may educate the public about your brand with an indoor LED display. Considering broadcasting informative videos about your company’s history or what makes you different from the competitors. This is also a good display to advertise memorable images, including brand colors and logos, as well as eye-catching content etc. The more you may tell clients about who you are, the more positive impressions they get.

ARECH can help you create the wonderful experience for your clients. Our LED Display Fixed Indoor offers high definition image and astounding versatility. If you need indoor LED displays or high bright semi-outdoor LED screens, contact us today to recommend you the best solution.


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