LED Display Fixed Outdoor Series by ARECH

LED Display Fixed outdoor, the best solution for outdoor advertising. Fixed Outdoor build with a simple concept, simple Front Maintenance LED Display for any fixed outdoor installation, 100% front access to all parts of this series of products.

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LED DISPLAY Fixed Outdoor

(320mm & 250mm series)

Any size of multiple times 250 mm/ 320 mm (module dimension 250x250mm & 320x320mm).
We provide high quality, competitive cost, and effective solutions for large-scale advertisement, you may choose the right video wall size and LED Screen quality (pitch optional) to suit your project.
You may choose ANY SIZE of multiple times 250 mm or 320 mm
- 1000x1000mm/ 1000x750mm/ 750x750mm etc.
- 960x960mm/ 960x640mm/ 640x640mm etc.

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EASY Front Access for ARECH LED Display Fixed Outdoor!

100% front accessible to all parts of the product, with mechanical tools

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  • icon-black-operating-1man
    Easy replace module front maintenance
  • icon-black-replacing-23seconds
    23 seconds to take out the module

Strong Waterproof Protection (IP65) for ARECH LED Display Fixed Outdoor!

ARECH LED Display Fixed Outdoor screen is designed with the multiple protection, both LED module and cabinet are waterproof, the led module itself is sealed module with nature waterproof protection. Our outdoor LED screens products are IP65 high protected, nature multiple protection facilitates long time stable functioning even under harsh weather.

  • icon-black-ip65
    Connector waterproof, potting inside to avoid water vapor, Silicone gasket
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  • Super light, super slim

    Super light, super slim

    7.5 cm thick, 31 kg/sqm

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

    (EMC) is the ability of electrical equipment and systems to function acceptably in their electromagnetic environment. EMC APPROVED!

  • Super bright

    Super bright

    6000 nits, power consumption 613w

  • Cable Free

    Cable Free

    It's all board to board connection between module and "integrator" board, cableless connection

Customize your own LED Display Fixed Outdoor by ARECH

You may tell us what you are looking for, we will try to follow your request and recommend you the best option of our LED Display series. Please feel free to fill the form below (only for LED Display Fixed Outdoor Series). We will reply to you as soon as possible,

LED Display Fixed Outdoor 250 mm Series Specification

You can check the technical parameter as the tables below from ARECH outdoor fixed series

LED Display Fixed Outdoor 320 mm Series Specification

  • About ARECH LED Display Fixed Outdoor

    Our outdoor LED screen has a much higher brightness, in order to deliver bright and vibrant images, even under the sunlight.
    Each of our outdoor LED screens is shipped in panel or module format, allowing you the flexibility to create screens to any size. Easy front maintenance, also rear service access are available, depending on the way how you install your projects.

  • LED Display Fixed Outdoor advantages

    Outdoor LED screens offer a fantastic way to advertise, making certain content accessible in the public spaces, to catch audiences and passers-by you may not have reached otherwise.
    Outdoor LED displays are very popular today in many countries. Now people work in a new way to advertise a business, in short, these LED display equipment deliver the fantastic content of representation for the brand, product, convenient and efficient, these LED displays can be setup in any public places like the shopping mall, airport, bus stand, train station, stadium, etc.

  • LED Display Fixed Outdoor features

    Waterproof and dustproof: IP65 With multiple waterproof protections and reliable metal material, the LED screen has great performance and adapts to a variety of installation environments. High-efficiency cooling.
    With strong cooling system, it can ensure the inside temperature is low to make sure that the LED screen has a long life span.
    Front accessible, and rear access:
    - Fully front maintenance, including LED module, power supply, controller, etc. can be serviced from the front.
    - Fast installation, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost.
    - Suit for all kinds of installation: Wall, Pole, ground standing, Roof, Bridge, etc.
    ARECH Fixed outdoor LED screen series is proved as the durable and reliable solution for various outdoor applications.

  • What are LED Display Fixed Outdoor for?

    Outdoor LED displays are large billboards made to display advertising, any kind of video, and more. They can be placed in an open-air area thanks to their modular assembling system.
    Conventional, static advertising doesn’t have the same effect on people as it used to have. The world can be overwhelming, offering a huge load of information every second.
    Latest market studies have found that broadcasting advertising on outdoor screens is much more effective than traditional advertising in printed media (newspapers, static boards, etc.).
    This is the reason behind the growth of the number of digital screens on the streets. LED screens are cost-effective, reliable, and offer a high return on your investment for outdoor advertising (and indoor also).

ARECH LED Display Fixed Outdoor is not only a video display screen but also a good decoration of architecture.

The LED Display Fixed Outdoor has entered into our daily life, those outdoor advertising LED screens can be customized to meet any kind of applications based on the specific installation environment.

It is easy and convenient to set up outdoor LED Video Wall Screen in public places, such as Buildings, Restaurant, hotels, schools, banks, hospitals, airports, stations, gyms, stores, Shopping malls, Plaza, Parking Lot, Park, Pole structure, etc.

These outdoor displays are mainly for advertising and also for making certain content accessible in the open area, the ARECH screen is easy and convenient for installation and transportation.

Other ARECH LED Display Fixed Outdoor Advantages

(High impact, Front Access, High brightness, saving and low consumption, versatility)

The outdoor LED screen makes a strong impression on viewers and potential customers, the brightness and luminosity along with how dynamic it attracts a lot of attention. Also, this type of advertising is presented in a new way and helps you to stand out from other advertisements.
Easy Front access makes the installation job quite easy and fast, also the low maintenance cost of the screens.

The high brightness LED screens can be visible in daylight, even under the sunlight. With the auto-brightness function, the brightness is automatically adjusted with environment brightness in the day and night.

The LED Screen Displays adopt common cathode technology with energy-saving, those displays generate less heat, and they have a very long life span. The LED screen can be customized in advertising, not only in size but also in content. Moreover, it can be customized and monitored from anywhere in the world.

ARECH LED Display Fixed Outdoor Series, 1st best choice


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