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ARECH HD Wall LED Screen, can be a massive screen stretching edge to edge on a wall, displaying a spectacular panoramic view, using for the television industry (and much more)

(High Definition LED Video Screen)
Ultra HD 8K
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Wall LED Screen High definition LED Screen

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Resolution makes the difference, High Definition makes every scene a highlight!

Our range of Wall LED Screen is for the television industry, engineered by LED video wall experts, our design addresses the unique benefits of fine pitch LED. The architecture uniquely addresses mounting, alignment, space constraints, reliability, quick service, power redundancy, data redundancy, and long life. We designed LED TVs with high quality and high stability, A 16:9 aspect ratio, and precise pixel pitches to ensure every model achieves exact Full HD, 4K, or 8K resolutions. And These High-resolution LED screens become a natural part of our lives.

High Definition with ARECH HD Wall LED Screen:

Our Wall LED Screens support 3840hz high refresh rate, if you have High definition image demand on the Conference, control room, hotel, home, meeting room, airport, show room etc., Wall LED Screen is the best choice ever.

HD Wall LED Display-video-resolution

Size and quality really does matter!

The Aspect ratio on ARECH HD Wall LED Screen to support a 16:9 ratio is typically seen as optimal because it is capable of the highest resolution. It is also easy to capture this aspect ratio on almost all devices. 

Front maintenance!

  • All parts front accessible
    All parts front accessible
  • Fast and easy to take out the module/power supply
    Fast and easy to take out the module/power supply
  • Essential Care service package up to 2 years
    Essential Care service package up to 2 years

Other advantage point of our HD Wall Screens

  • Friendly adjustable brightness
    Friendly adjustable brightness
  • Seamless splicing, high precision
    Seamless splicing, high precision
  • Light-weight, 4.5kg/panel
    Light-weight, 4.5kg/panel
HD Wall LED Display-02c

Customize your ARECH HD Wall LED Screen!

600x337.5 & 400x450mm ARECH HD Wall LED Screen Specification:


400x300mm & 480x480mm ARECH HD Wall LED Screen Specification:


640x480mm ARECH HD Wall LED Screen Specification:


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