ARECH Warranty & Guarantee Policy

This Warranty Guarantee Policy document supplements the ARECH Terms and Conditions of Sale, in case of any contradiction or inconsistency, the latter will prevail.

Who is covered by ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy?

This ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy is granted to end users owning ARECH products only.

What assurance is covered by ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy?

ARECH Warranty Guarantee that its products, when delivered in new condition, in the original packaging, sold directly, and used in normal conditions, are free from any defects in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship.

The ARECH Warranty Guarantee shall apply only to the extent that the products or any parts thereof have been installed and serviced by skilled technical personnel certified by ARECH.

The ARECH Warranty Guarantee shall only apply if the mandatory preventive maintenance actions as described in the technical documentation have been executed.

ARECH Warranty Guarantee starts on the shipment date of products. If ARECH is responsible for onsite acceptance, the warranty starts when a product is taken into use.

  • The warranty period: 3 years warranty for Cree LED’s
  • The warranty period: 2 years warranty for Nationstar gold-wire LED’s

What assurance is not covered by ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy?

The ARECH Warranty Guarantee does not apply to consumables (lamps, liquids, filters, reflectors, fans, pumps, power supplies, etc.).

The warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper use, failure to follow operating instructions as mentioned in the technical documentation.

This ARECH Warranty Guarantee does not cover defects resulting from accidents, unauthorized alteration, or modification of the original condition. Or product being connected to or used in combination with other equipment, products, or systems (hardware and/or software) not compatible with the product or not respecting the installation requirements as defined in the installation manual (such as high temperatures, humidity, dust, power surges…).

In no event shall ARECH be liable for any defects, failures, loss of or damage caused by or resulting from wear and tear, any external cause.

What we will do about ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy?

ARECH will be responsible for repairing any defective parts under warranty and returning the repaired ones to the client. We also provide some free accessories such as a power supply, modules, and control card to facilitate maintenance.

What will not do for ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy?

Pay shipping, insurance, or transportation charges, or pay any import fees, duties, and taxes.

ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy responsibility:

ARECH Assurance about Guarantee Policy is something that we take seriously for all our clients, we offer lifetime service for our products, followed by Full Assistance and Services.

We can provide effective service according to a mutual agreement if there is a problem with your LED Display which is not bought from us. After the warranty period, we will still provide life-long maintenance and only charge for material costs and labor costs.

We ensure to all our clients Warranty & Guarantee all the terms, quality and satisfaction performance for all our products, we have the higher level for LED Display market.

We try to improve and adapt to the new technology and come with new ideas to be on top level all the time.
ARECH assurance is not just what we take and write on paper!

ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy terms and definition

Warranty, is often confused with the term guarantee, which implies a commitment given by the seller concerning the product quality. The main difference between warranty and guarantee is that while the former is written, the latter is implied.

Definition of Guarantee

The guarantee is defined as the promise for the after-sales performance of the product or service. It expresses that the manufacturer has given promise regarding the content, quality or performance of the product and in case, the obligation is not fulfilled then the manufacturer will replace or repair the product or the money paid as consideration will be refunded. Although, it is valid up to a fixed time only. Guarantee adds to the rights of the consumer.

In the contract of guarantee, there are three parties, i.e. surety, the principal debtor, creditor where the manufacturer acts as a surety, if the performance of the product is below average.

Definition of Warranty

Warranty is defined as an assurance given by the manufacturer or seller to the buyer that the specified facts about the product are true. It is a collateral condition to the main objective of the contract. It specifies that the particular product is up to the standard, i.e. quality, fitness and performance. It applies to tangible objects like machines, electronic equipment etc.

In case if the product does not satisfy the set standards, then the manufacturer will repair it or replace its defective part, or it will be completely replaced. There are two types of warranty, i.e. express or implied.

ARECH Warranty Guarantee Policy terms and definition table by ARECH

ARECH Warranty & Guarantee Policy

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