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The reason why you should contact ARECH

Firstly, for us, ARECH is not just a manufacturer, it is a brand. Everything we do, and our spirit of quality first, is reflected in the products we make also in the way we interact with our customers. We believe that technological innovation is not just judged by the LED signs we build today, but by what we will build tomorrow.

We are open to ideal ideas, and we work with our clients to make ideas come true. Here are the reasons why choose our products and services:

  • ARECH is a professional company in designing and implementing an effective process to make LED visual displays.
  • Quality products are always the pursuit of our product solution, we focus on the quality in each detail of our work.
  • ARECH people are available 24/7 to support you and your project. No matter if your product was delivered from us, no matter if you look for an LED display to replace, we are here 24/7 should you need assistance with LED display products, you may contact us anytime.
  • ARECH is specialized in customized products, making your fantastic ideas become true.
    We have been doing this LED display product for a long time, and we still love the challenge of managing new techniques to the product solution.
  • To make quality products, ARECH cooperates with the first-level brands of materials for all our products.

In conclusion, ARECH plan the new design product with you, deliver you the quality LED Display products, and provides lifetime service.  We are confident that ARECH LED Screens definitely satisfy your various LED display demands.

If you are looking for a giant video screen or customized small totem, outdoor or indoor LED advertising sign. Contact us today! Here is our contact information

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Office & Factory Address:
5&6F, BLK 8, Huihao Industrial Park, No. 61 Jinan Road, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China, ZIP Code: 518106

Business Address:
2F BLG1, Xintaiyang Industrial Park, NO. 114 Zhulongtian Road, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China, ZIP Code: 518000

Why you need to contact ARECH?

We create extraordinary experiences.
Our constant innovation is why our clients choose us for the LED Screen product solution– the ones needing exploration into new and better ways of approaching customers.

We offer you the best advertising equipment to reach the potential clients in the most effective way, attention-grabbing capabilities is the No. 1 advantage of LED advertising signage, the passerby are much more likely to stop and take in your bright and stunning display.

Contact ARECH and take advantage of LED adverting

LED display advertisement can be advantageous to almost every type of business. All you require is the right solution of LED display product to catch the attention of your customers.

Unique Content Opportunities

LED advertising signage present unique video content opportunities, in that specific content can be displayed at designated times, many advertisements can be delivered at many time intervals, rich content opportunities make LED display product perfect for effective brand marketing.

ARECH Continuously Improving

Our unique feedback loop connects all department of the company. Through constant communication, we quickly identify and resolve issues.


Our technical expertise lets you focus on your business while we provide the support and service you need. We provide pre-sales and after sales support to ensure extraordinary customer satisfaction.

Green LED Display Solutions

LED screen technology is a highly energy-efficient technology, therefore, the widespread use of energy-saving LED light today. Meanwhile, the amount of power the diodes in an LED display use depends on the displaying content, brightness and usage, because LED displays images by adjusting the brightness of colored diodes, an entirely white image with black text will therefore require many more illuminated diodes, and more power than white text on a black background.

At Arech, we value green LED solutions. LED is an energy-efficient lighting product compared to other digital products, however we wish to utilize the LED in a unique and climate-friendly way. Meanwhile, up to 95 % of our LED screens are recyclable because of the vast use of recyclable materials.

Further, we focus on green and energy-saving solutions that combine the LED technology and sustainability in all our projects.

ARECH, the professional producer! We Are The right choice! Contact us today!

The resolution you need for LED displays depends on the viewing distance, and there is a certain connection between display resolution and cost. The higher the resolution, the more diodes there are per square meter, and therefore a higher square meter price.

We love brainstorming creative, impactful ideas and bringing them to life. Please contact us and let us know your requirements to the case, we are here to assist you at any hour and available to talk and help you though the process, our dedicated professional team will make sure to make you satisfied with ARECH product.

When you choose us, you are not only making a product procurement, but adding someone to your media and technical team. We will bring your vision to fruition and continuing to be a team member by assisting you with ongoing project and LED video wall expansion. So, if you need us to help provide some professional project solution, or just need things to be explained is simplicity, we are here for you.