LED Screen Rental & Staging Series by ARECH

ARECH LED Screen Rental & Staging Series, make your coming event unforgettable, use our high-resolution and high-quality LED Display!

(Indoor & Outdoor)


LED Screen Rental & Staging

(Indoor & Outdoor)

ARECH produces LED Screen’s for any application: TV studios, scenography, sports, and entertainment, trade shows, conferences, fashion shows, temporary shops.

LED screen for rental & staging is a family of indoor and outdoor led video wall displays designed for the fast-paced needs of large events, rental & staging, and trade show applications. It is a good solution to give visibility to events. Besides, the definition of the LED Screen is directly related to the pixel pitch of the screen.

It can be high definition like Pitch 1.9 mm, or big Pitch like 4.8 mm, and our LED Screen for rental & staging delivering fast assembling and easy access to electronic parts. Feature magnetically-attachable panels with a quick-lock system to support single-person quick installation.

Why our LED Screen Rental & Staging Series?


Different kinds’ installation of the cabinet for LED Screen Rental & Staging


Stack installation


Convex & Concave


Hanging installation


Optional Cabinet size for LED Screen Rental

(2 format size)

  • 500×500 mm optional
  • 500×1000 mm optional

Rental LED panels are engineered for annual conference or one-time events. They are designed for professional exhibiting their products and services at fairs and congresses can show all the products in large format, and in a extraodinary way, we have options to suit indoor and outdoor events, as well as mobile screens. The rental LED screen can be widely used for organizing concerts, presentations or advertising events etc.

Other advantage of our LED Screen Rental

  • Fold-over Edge Cover to Protect the LED Lamp
  • Easy Installation, Single Person Operation & Installation

Customize your own LED Display Flexible by ARECH

You may tell us what you are looking for and what you want, we will try to follow your request and recommend you the best option of our LED Display series. Feel free to fill the form below (only for LED Display Flexible Series on this page). We will reply to you as soon as possible and are available (working days).

ARECH LED Screen Rental & Staging Display Specification

Pixel Pitch1.9mm 2.6mm 2.9mm3.9mm4.8mm
Module Dimension WxH250x250mm
Cabinet Dimension WxH500x500/500x1000mm Optional
Cabinet MaterialDie-cast Aluminum
Service TypeFront & Rear
Brightness800-1000nits/ 4500-5000nits Optional
Processing16 bit
Colors281 trillion
Hor. Viewing Angle160° +/-5° (@50% brightenss)
Vert. Viewing Angle160° +/-5° (@50% brightenss)
Power Consumption325 W/m²(typ.)
Refresh RateAdjustable
IP RatingIP30 / IP65
Operating Power Voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature-10°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity10% to 90%
StandardCE / FCC
Warranty2 years

What is an LED Screen Rental & Staging meaning and using for?

LED Display Rental Series, refers to rent a display that utilizes LED technology. LED (light-emitting diode) has become today’s standard for display technology because of its high brightness, super color contrast, and energy efficiency. ARECH factory, may provide you any rental & staging LED Screens, different sizes, and vary pixel pitch, for the best view.

A more accurate term for these large displays is “LED video wall”. LED video walls consist of many individual panels or modules to form an immense display. Connecting together individual panels allows for unlimited display sizes with custom shapes and aspect ratios.

LED Screen Rental & Staging usage and application

LED screens for rental are the best option to stand out in any events, because it is easy to configure and modify the screen size. Therefore, it is versatile equipment for professionals in the visual sector. Its modular assembling system and intelligent electronics allow you to adapt the dimension accordingly.

You only have to assemble the LED frames corresponding to the screen size needed. This makes it possible to divide a big screen into several smaller screens.

Advantage using ARECH LED Screen Rental & Staging Series

One more significant advantage is the good definition and image quality for the rental LED screens, which is always the good option for events with those rental LED screens.

Thanks to their advanced technical characteristics, rental LED screens offer a perfect video content visualization, even outdoor case under sunlight. This integration of quick assembling and disassembling LED screens results in more and more convenient and cost-effective installation than any other equipment’s.

Detail advantages for ARECH LED Screen Rental Display


There are continuous rental LED screens are frequently assembled or disassembled, that is why the operation processes must be not complex, just fast and easy.

Therefore, lightweight equipment is a crucial factor to complete these tasks in a quick, economic and safe way.

ARECH rental LED screens made by the light materials: aluminum case and smart slim structure. So that rental LED panels can be engineered and manufactured very light and resistant screens.


The screens for rental use have to be assembled and disassembled easily, quickly in any case,
Set-up and tear-down of the LED panels can be the most busy time during an event. It is important that mechanisms of rental screens are reliable with no break when set-up or tear-down, Multiple vendors and everyone either rushes to get show-ready or to complete the job as fast as possible.

Quick fix systems used by those rental Visual Led are designed to withstand thousands of continuous assembling and disassembling sessions without significant wear and tear.


To facilitate the transportation of rental screens, you may choose flight case with different capacities. These flight cases, are professional transportable boxes, may protect the rental LED screen during transportation and storage.

Inside of flight case is made of high density foams and adapted to the LED panels. In addition, the wiring and various accessories can be stored as well.

The flight case is engineered with wheels and are stackable, convenient and efficient.


LED screen rental is a growing business. In other words, the amount of concerts and events of all kinds required professional quality audiovisual equipment, such as rental LED screens, grows every day.

The price for a rental LED screen for a specific use is usually not cheap. Depending on the screen size and renting period, to rent a professional LED screen may cost up to several thousand dollars.

However, most professionals in the field do not know how much it cost to purchase a LED screen, since it is not always easy to get direct price for related part from the market or distributors.

Screen rental is a profitable business, but not everybody knows that buying rental equipment is an investment that pays off quickly. Depending on the sizes and rent period, you can recover your investment in four or five events and start earning profits quickly.

ARECH LED Screen Rental & Staging always will be the 1st choice for your indoor & outdoor events.