LED Display Flexible Bendable, Curved Series by ARECH

LED Display Flexible Bendable, curved, circular, column, concave, convex, soft, “S” shape, waved, … make an ideal art design possible by flexible LED display.

LED Display Flexible Bendable, Curved Series by ARECH

LED Display Flexible Bendable

(Indoor & Outdoor)

Why choose our LED Display Flexible?

ARECH produces one of the thinnest & lightest LED Display Flexible in the world with special materials and advanced technology. Nature soft LED Screen, nature flexible LED Screen, basically, the main material is a very soft, soft LED board, soft protection, to make Softly curved LED Screen.

  • Super slim module, 7 mm thick
  • Super light module, 0.17 kg/ module, 34 kg/sqm for Iron case

Super light, super slim 7 mm thick LED Display Flexible Bendable, Curved, 1st best choice

Flexible LED Display

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Make any beautiful art possible with our flexible LED Screen. A flexible LED Display has a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Your advertising shows better on our products!

With a flexible module, we may achieve the smallest circle with 494 mm diameter to effectively save time from the cutting or alignment of the traditional LED screens.

  • Min diameter of curved LED Display: 494 mm
  • Min LED column might be 4 LED modules, a circle
  • Soft mask, nature flex, elegant curve display
  • Soft PCB, 0.2 mm thick, nature soft
  • Extremely soft housing can be freely rolled in any angle

Easy to install!

ARECH, brings to you a new generation LED Display Flexible module that add a silicone housing. Embedded magnet, reduce stitching gap. With this magnetic support, you be able to make a quick service and replace very fast a module (or more than one).

Magnetic support, Front Maintenance

  • LED module
  • Power supply (PSU)
  • Controller front maintenance

Customize your own LED Display Flexible by ARECH

You may tell us what you are looking for and what you want, we will try to follow your request and recommend you the best option of our LED Display series. Feel free to fill the form below (only for LED Display Flexible Series on this page). We will reply to you as soon as possible and are available (working days).

LED Display Flexible Series Specification

Here you can check the technical parameter as the tables below from ARECH flexible and bendable series.

Pixel Pitch1.6mm 1.8mm 2.5mm3.0mm3.8mm4.8mm
Module Dimension WxH240x120mm & 1ft x1ft
Cabinet Dimension WxHCustomized Cabinet
Cabinet MaterialIron
Service TypeFront
Brightness800-1000nits & 5500-6000nits
Processing16 bit
Colors281 trillion
Hor. Viewing Angle160° +/-5° (@50% brightenss)
Vert. Viewing Angle160° +/-5° (@50% brightenss)
Power Consumption280 W/m²(typ.)
Refresh RateAdjustable
IP RatingIP30 / IP65
Operating Power Voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature-10°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity10% to 90%
StandardCE / FCC
Warranty2 years

About ARECH LED Display Flexible products

What it is LED Display Flexible?

A LED Display Flexible is made up of LED pixels pitched on nature soft material like rubber and PCB. It is using a nature soft material on both sides to protect the LED circuit from getting damaged. This structure makes flexible LED Screens stable and reliable. They can be flexible during installation and still deliver sharp images.

A LED Display Flexible video wall consists of curvable LED Screens panels mounted together. It can make different shapes depending on how the individual screens are configured. The flexible LED Screen Display panels are connected together to create a great seamless video Wall Display.

LED Display Flexible advantages

Flexible LED module allows for more creativity than ever before. It’s extremely lightweight design different from any traditional LED display, nature soft, smooth curved, nothing to beat the exquisite visual experience.

The super slim soft module, it is easy to be bent, folded and attached to virtually any metal surface, makes it an idea for those installations that call for a non-traditional LED solution.

ARECH Flexible LED displays allows for seamless convex or concave LED panels where traditional straight panels can not work. ARECH Flexible LED display is a super slim and lightweight LED display product, designed to feature LED pixels on a soft PCB to enable ideal art designed case with eye-catching displaying images.

LED Display Flexible Series, the best choice for creative solution

Want to be creative? Get a lightweight, flexible LED Displays from our soft series panels and make your ideas come true. Our flex panels are easy to do curved LED display and columns, and various concave and convex shapes, they’re the best choice if you want to do something different.

No need to wondering how to mount a flexible LED display, the soft LED module with magnetic adhesion on the back, and you just need to ensure you have a proper structure or frame in place that allows for cabling and ventilation where needed.

The installation can be easily made with the pliable structure and easy-to-follow instructions provided. Should any questions, rest assured, our service team is ready to provide guidance in each step for you.

ARECH Flexible LED Displays are made of nature soft material, soft circuit and soft housing, perfect for creative installations in any size and shape. Easily installed in many places, like shopping mall, museum, exhibition hall, hotels, stadiums, etc. ARECH is devoted to providing the best flexible LED screen solutions.

Our nature soft LED panels that are tailor-made to fit in your project and captivate the audiences. No matter it is for conference or VR gaming lounge, our flexible LED screens is the first choice to deliver extraordinary high-resolution images at all times, those flexible displays are available in different dimensions and pixel pitch options to your customized case.

Flexible LEDs panels provide the perfect solution for you to display the designs and bring clients into your business. As long as you may easily choose the pixel pitch and size for the display, we are able to do great flexible project with our Flexible led panels, with those products we may offer you a remarkable opportunity to showcase your products and services to let people know more about you.

For any business, cost-effective solutions is always the first priority, and this is where flexible displays come in, they are designed to be budget-friendly overall.